Freshman Year

AFNR (Science Credit)

Abstract: AFNR introduces students to the range of agricultural opportunities and the pathways of study they may pursue. Science, mathematics, reading, and writing components are woven in the context of agriculture and students will use the introductory skills and knowledge developed in this course throughout the CASE curriculum.


Not at this time.

Grade Level:


Units of Study:

-Agricultural Education – Agriculture, FFA, and SAE

-Communication Methods

-Science Processes

-Natural Resources

-Plants and Animals


Agricultural Mechanics (can take multiple times)

Abstract: An introductory class into the world of mechanics. One semester occurs in the wood shop and one semester occurs in the metal shop.


Not at this time

Grade Level:


Units of Study:

-Tool identification

-Tool safety

-Proper tool operation

-Basic wood shop (1st and 4th quarters)

-Basic metals (welding, cutting, etc) (2nd and 3rd quarters)


Sophomore Year

Advanced Computers (required)

Abstract: Introduction to the use of Microsoft Office, keyboarding skills and google products.


Five credits available through Walla Walla Community College with a letter grade of B or better. No cost.

Grade Level:


Units of Study:

-Microsoft Word

-Microsoft Excel

-Microsoft Publisher

-Microsoft Access

CASE Animal or CASE Plant

Abstract: A course engaging students in hands-on laboratories and activities to explore the world of animal agriculture. During the course, students develop a comprehensive Producer’s Management Guide for an animal of their choice.


Not at this time.

Grade Level:


Units of Study:

-History and Use of Animals

-Animal Handling and Safety

-Cells and Tissues

-Animal Reproduction


-Animal Health

-Animal Products, Selection, and Marketing


Junior Year

CASE Plant Science

Abstract: A course teaching students the form and function of plant systems. Students experience various plant science concepts through inquiry-based exercises filled with activities, projects, and problems utilizing laboratory and practical experiences. Student experiences will include the study of plant anatomy and physiology, classification, and the fundamentals of production and harvesting.


Five credits available through WWCC for AGPR 113 Cultivated Plants with a grade of B or better. No cost.

Units of Study:


-Anatomy and Physiology


-Growing Environment


-Pest and Disease Management

-Crop Production and Marketing

Facilities: 30’ x 36’ Greenhouse



Abstract:An introduction into the world of business in an agricultural setting. Students will learn different record keeping methods and how and why markets fluctuate.


None at this time.

Grade Level:


Units of Study:

-Agricultural Sales and Service

-Agricultural Marketing

-Agricultural Issues

-Commodity Marketing


Senior Year

STW (required for graduation)

Abstract: A required senior class where a portfolio is developed for college credit and a required senior project is created and completed.


Three credits available through Walla Walla Community College with a letter grade of B or better.

Grade Level:

12th grade only, required for graduation.

Units of Study:

-Portfolio for WWCC articulation

-Interviewing skills and preparation

-Job Skills

-Senior Project


Future CASE Course

Animal and Plant Biotechnology

Would be a senior level science course, hopefully incorporated into

curriculum in the next few years.


CASE = Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education