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Rendering of West Side of the School   Plot Plan (Overhead View)  
  Lower Level Floor Plan   Upper Level Floor Plan  
  Kindergarten Classroom   Special Education and Pre-School Classroom  
  1st-2nd Grade Classroom   1st-2nd Grade Classroom with AV Options  
  3rd-4th Grade Classroom   5th-6th Grade Classroom  
  7th-8th Grade Classroom & Junior High Science   Junior High Social Studies Classroom  
  High School English & Foreign Language Classroom   High School History & Yearbook Classroom  
  High School Math Classroom   High School Pod Classroom  
  Music Classroom   Vocational-Technical Facility  
  High School Science Classroom   Computer Laboratory  
  Kitchen Floor Plan   Locker rooms (Base Bid)  
  Restrooms, Lobby, and Concession   Locker rooms (Additive Alternate)  
  Library, Staff, and Administration