• Colton's first high school football team, from 1922 <br>
  • The Colton football team from 1934, players and record unknown
  • The Colton High School football team from 1940-41.  <br>
    One of many successful teams in the next fifteen years, including the 1947-48 team that beat Rosalia for the state title, and the 1953 team beat LaCrosse to become the Whitman County 8-Man Football Champions.
  • Colton High School baseball team 1935-36.  <br>
    "In those days, everyone in town came out to see the games and we'd have really big crowds when we'd play Uniontown or Johnson. And if they didn't come to see the games, they'd come for the fight afterwards. It just wasn't safe to win a game away from home, because you'd probably get a licking. Actually, it was the fans who started things and not the ballplayers. But after it started, we'd all join in. And the women would stand in the background and encourage us." -Joe Reisenauer in the Pullman Herald-Colton Johnson Jubilee Edition Sept. 24, 1959
  • Early Colton baseball players. <br>
    "Back in those days, Colton, Uniontown, Johnson, Genesee and Pullman all had town teams. The WSC [Washington State College, precursor to Washington State University] frosh team also used to play the circuit. 'And the teams were all pretty evenly matched and no one team was the powerhouse. The teams used to travel by wagon and none of us got any money, but we used to pass the hat to take care of our equipment expenses.'" -Pullman Herald-Colton Johnson Jubilee Edition Sept. 24, 1959, quotes by Joe Reisenauer.
  • Downtown festivities on Broadway Street, outside the old bank building, year unknown. <br>
    In the Colton community, pioneer reunions used to be held in the Bank building. There was also always a party in May, which was Decoration Day or Memorial Day, when gravesites would be cleaned, flowers would be put on gravestones and the grass mowed. Afterwards, there would be a big dinner upstairs in the bank building.
  • Parade in downtown Colton on the 4th of July, around 1920.  <br>
    "There are no old maids in Colton. The women are all handsome and look sweet enough to eat." -Colton Eagle 1888
  • The Colton Military Band, year unknown.  <br>
    "Unlike many places that are sounding loud and long their own praises, no line of business or profession is overdone in Colton. There is an opening in every line, something for every willing hand. Capital, brains, and energy can here be rewarded according to its volume and commensurate with the zeal and ability manifested." -Colton Eagle 1888
  • Colton High School basketball team from 1918.  <br>
    Players from left to right are Munson, Pete Kramer, Joe Scharback, Munson, Rudy Reisenauer, and Hi Maynard. Basketball at Colton started in the early 1910's, and this team won the Whitman County Championship.
  • A 4th of July parade, year unknown.  <br>
    The American Legion float is visible in the foreground, and in the background is the Methodist church, the first church built on town property.
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