Master Project Schedule
School Modernization and Addition Project

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School Modernization Project
Project Photos

What's happening with the school modernization project?

Please click here to view a slide show of photos showing the ongoing progress of the school's modernization project.

Photos will be added to the slide show as the project progresses.


Sophomore Class Fundraiser

Support the Sophomore Class by purchasing raffle tickets for a pair of Beats Headphones. Please, click here for more information.


For 2014-15
District Basketball Tournament Brackets

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1B Boys District Tournament Bracket

1B Girls District Tournament Bracket


Winter 2014-15
Winter Sports Schedules

Listed below are the schedules for the Winter sports program.

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Varsity/JV Boys Basketball

Varsity/JV Girls Basketball

JV Girls Basketball Only

JH Boys Basketball

JH Volleyball


For 2015-16
Community Calendar Information


It's Community Calendar time again.

Listed below are: Order Forms, Forms for those who wish to advertise, and a form for organizations to utilize to list their meeting dates and times.

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2015-16 Calendar Order Form

Form for Advertisers

Form for Organizations


Latest News
From the Creativity Program

Note:  Photos of the students at work on their projects be seen by clicking here. FYI - Projects are organized by age group, so you can see successive projects through the past years as you scroll down.

November Art Sessions

First and Second Graders worked on color mixing.

Fifth and Sixth Graders worked on written communication utilizing clay tablets, and they also made paper the "Hard Way."

Endorsed Student Insurance Plan

Information on the School's Insurance Plan

To view information on the endorsed student insurance plan, please click here.


Elementary and Secondary

To view either the Elementary Handbook or the Secondary Handbook, please click on the handbook below:

Elementary Handbook

Secondary Handbook


New "Skyward" System
Access Student Information

The Colton School District is now utilizing a new student information system called "Skyward."

The "Skyward" system allows Parents/Guardians to access student progress information (attendance.

To access Skyward Family Access, please click here.


High School Credit Request Form


In order for Colton High School to give students credit for high school classes offered in junior high the student or family must request for those classes/grades to be added to their transcript.

Colton currently offers two high school classes in the 8th grade that may receive high school credit and can be added to a student's high school transcript: Algebra 1 and Washington State History.

High school academic level credits can be used from middle school grades 7 and 8 if certain conditions are met.  The family or student must request 7th and 8th grade courses to be added to their high school transcript (giving the student high school credit) regardless of the grade the student earned in the course.  However, it is important to understand that courses cannot be removed once placed on the transcript.  Even if the course is a state graduation requirement, it is not automatically included on the high school transcript. (WAC 180-51-050).

Request must be received no later than the last day of a student's 8th Grade year.

Please click here to view the Credit Request form that can be printed out and returned to the school.



For January 2015
Current Lunch Menu

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Friday, May 1, 2105
Colton-Uniontown Fair Information

The 2015 Colton-Uniontown Fair is just around the corner! Listed below are items pertaining to that event. Click on the item you wish to view.

January Fair News

Animal Registration Form


Drawing on February 7th
Raffle for the Special Olympics

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Food Pantry & Commodities

There are food programs that are operated based on income eligibility AND food programs that distribute food before it “expires” (NO income restrictions!)  WANT TO KNOW MORE? Come visit us at the Food Pantry to find out…

January 29, 2015 - THURSDAY evening
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Uniontown Community Building (basement entrance)

This is the next commodities distribution date AND we have some items that are available to everyone before the expiration date!

*** We also have a new way to ask questions or join the reminder list – email us at

If there are questions, please call Debbie Niehenke at 509-229-3703


June 2015
Fundraiser for Science Discovery Opportunity

Five Junior High students and Science teacher, Mr. Nordquist, are excited about the opportunity to travel to the Florida Keys, June 9-13, 2015 for scientific exploration.

For more information, please click here.


For the 2014-15 School Year
School Calendar Available

Please click here to view the 2014-15 School Calendar.


Message from the School Food Service Program

Please click here for a letter from the school Kitchen Manager and information about the school food services.


  Official Online Store
 Colton  Wildcat


The Colton Booster Club has setup a Wildcat Clothing store that has a number of items available for Wildcat supporters.

Please, click here to go to the Colton Wildcat Store.


Support the Class of 2015
Wildcat Car Magnets Available

For information on this fund-raising item, please click here.


Colton School District #306
2012-17 Strategic Plan

The Colton School District has begun the Strategic Planning Process. Please click here to view Meeting Minutes, Committee Membership, and other Additional Information.

Click here to view the 2012-17 Strategic Plan

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Available for viewing
School Board Policies

To view Colton School District Policies, please click here.


Colton Wildcat
Booster Club Newsletter

To view the current Wildcat Booster Club Newsletter, please click here.

More About the Wildcat Booster Club

It takes a huge commitment to be a student-athlete. At CHS, student-athletes are driven to success on the field or court and in the classroom.  In addition, they are asked to be leaders and role models.  As a result, their commitment to excellence represents the Colton-Uniontown area.  In order to stay competitive, outside funding is needed.

STRONG ATHLETIC PROGRAMS are built from within, but the strongest programs are supported internally and externally.  Thanks to the Colton Wildcat Booster Club you can take an active role in athletics at CHS.


For a membership form, please click here.


To view the current Colton School District Newsletter,
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To view the Colton Sports-Year in Review, please click here.

To view the Colton State Report Card, please click here.

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Sports/Activity Photos
Current Photos

To view current sports photos, please click on an item below.

Varsity Girls Basketball, Colton vs. Genesee, played in Colton on Monday, January 5, 2015

JV Girls Basketball, Colton vs. Genesee, played in Colton on Monday, January 5, 2015

Varsity Girls Basketball, Colton vs. LaSalle, played at West Valley on Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Varsity Girls Basketball, Colton vs. Lake Roosevelt, played at West Valley on Monday, December 29, 2014

Varsity Boys Basketball, Grangeville at Colton, played in Colton on Friday, December 5, 2014

Varsity Girls Basketball, Grangeville at Colton, played in Colton on Friday, December 5, 2014

JV Girls Basketball, Grangeville at Colton, played in Colton on Friday, December 5, 2014

JV Boys Basketball, Grangeville at Colton, played in Colton on Friday, December 5, 2014


Looking for a photo? Previous photos are available for viewing in the Colton Photo Archives.